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Securing Accurate Knowledge on Bromine tablets

Spa, pools and hot tubs need to be maintained regularly to ensure a continuous healthy functioning. There is a need to apply a good sanitizer to these entities that bring much pleasure to consumers.

There are two choices of sanitizers in the market for the consumers’ consideration; bromine or chlorine. Although both are effective sanitizers, consumers may prefer bromine over chlorine for certain reasons.


Chlorine has a stronger odor than bromine. Hence, consumers may opt for bromine tablets rather than use chlorine in any form as the smell of chlorine may be quite strong. One may not like the unpleasant smell in a bathing experience. On the other hand, bromine in tablet form does not release such a strong odor to offer a more enjoyable bath.

pH range

Chlorine offers quite a neutral pH level at around 7. However, its effectiveness as a sanitizer decreases with a higher pH level. But bromine offers a higher pH level of 8.2 to be a more effective sanitizer. The broader range of pH level for bromine offers a higher flexibility in maintaining the desired pH level especially where hard water is supplied.


Bromine sanitizing tablets are very effective in their function. These tablets dissolve slower than chlorine tablets which ensure a more constant sanitized water level. When the chlorine tablets dissolve too quickly in the water, the sanitized water level is changed and the water needs another dose of chlorine tablets. Hence, it would be more costly to maintain the hot tub usage.


Although both chlorine and bromine tablets are possible sanitizing agents, it is up to the consumers to decide on their preference. Bromine tablets can be more costly than chlorine tablets which may be quite burdensome on consumers financially.


Bromine tablets function to sanitize hot tubs, spas and pools but should be used in the right dosage for the best effect. A pool dosage of bromine tablets differs from a spa or hot tub dosage. A pool dosage requires a bromine level of two to four parts per million while a spa dosage requires 2-5 bromine tablets that give a bromine level of three to six parts per million.

The wise consumer should be educated on the dosage method besides on the dose. Bromine tablets should be placed in a floating dispenser or brominator to flow into the spa or pool water instead of a direct application.

The consumer should also be enlightened on the various safety precautions and standards when using Bromine tablets.

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Application of Chlorine Granules for Hot Tub

Consumers with a hot tub need to be aware of the right maintenance applied to their tub for a longer functionality. While many are happy to use the hot tub on various occasions, there is a need to keep it clean for a longer lasting function. The best way to ensure that the hot tub is well maintained is to use chlorine granules in the cleaning.

Popular product

Chlorine granules for hot tub cleaning are popular as it is effective and readily available in the market. It is very convenient for consumers to make a purchase easily from the local hardware store or hypermarkets to clean their hot tub, swimming pool or spa.

The main ingredient in chlorine granules is sodium dichloroisocyanurate with 56% chlorine content. This ingredient can also be known as troclosene sodium dehydrate which appears as white solid granules. With a pH value that is close to 7, it is considered as a neutral cleansing entity that would not affect the pH value of the hot tub or pool water. Hence, it is considered a very safe product on the skin.

Besides chlorine, these granules have cyanurate stabiliser which prevents the breaking down of chlorine by sunlight.


Chlorine granules for hot tub usage offer many advantages. These granules are easily available in the market with an effectiveness that does not harm the skin. Chlorine granules in the pool or hot tub can be used as a shock treatment or sanitizer where water is regularly emptied.

These granules are easily soluble which helps boost the level of chlorine quickly when needed. The price is very affordable to ensure that consumers are able to upkeep the condition of their hot tub and pool for a longer enjoyment.


There are some disadvantages to applying chlorine granules in hot tubs and pools. The chlorine content is only 56% which is much lower than that in stabilized chlorine tablets. As a sanitizer, it can be difficult to gauge the amount of chlorine in the water although the boost in chlorine level may be quick.

An active hot tub can use up the amount of chlorine rather quickly with chlorine granules unlike chlorine tablets. Hence, consumers must check on the presence of algae or other micro-organisms in the hot tub or pool regularly.

It is important to understand the function and components of chlorine granules correctly before any application as some consumers may have certain skin and medical conditions.

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